Danielle Sheffler: Incorporating accessibility into your project lifecycle

Accessibility is more than just learning about guidelines and applying them. In order to incorporate accessibility into your project lifecycle, it’s essential to understand why accessibility is important (it’s not solely because it’s the law), who it helps, who is needed to create an accessibility program, what processes and tools should be included, and how to evangelise accessibility. This lightning talk will do a quick deep dive into each of these topics and will provide additional resources to ensure that you have all of the tools you need to get started.

Danielle ShefflerBio: Danielle has over 15 years of consulting experience specialising in organisational transformation and modernising and implementing complex enterprise digital solutions. She has led teams in the delivery of digital strategy, content management, user-centred design and 508/accessibility solutions. She’s currently working at Booz Allen Hamilton as a Deputy Program Lead/Operations Lead and has worked at Acquia as a Sr. Program Manager and at Level Access as a Manager of Accessibility Consulting. 

Danielle is trained in JAWS and VoiceOver to perform accessibility testing on websites for 508/WCAG compliance, and has a proven track record of IT strategy, digital strategy, best practice Agile delivery and system design and implementation. Throughout her career, she has created accessibility practices from the ground up at several different organisations.

Note that we recommend enabling Live Captions within Google Chrome for this session.

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