Murray Woodman: 13 ways to personalise your Drupal website

This presentation will showcase 13 different strategies for personalising content on a Drupal website and will include sections on potential data sources, methods of display and how to control the logic. The presentation is suitable for site owners and strategists who wish to add personalisation aspects to their site as well as to developers who would like to know some more about the techniques.

Attendees will be shown a range of Drupal contrib modules and cost effective SaaS solutions to help them achieve their personalisation goals.

Audience: Business Managers, Back End Developers

Murray WoodmanBio: Murray is a co-founder and the Managing Director at Morpht. Murray brings 25 years of development and consulting experience to Morpht, working in the content management area on a number of systems on a variety of platforms. In that time he has worked in legal publishers, startups, web agencies and in house in a variety of capacities as designer, developer and information architect. Murray's interests include data modelling, the semantic web, personalisation and team culture and performance. Murray is an organiser of the Sydney Drupal Meetup and regularly speaks at camps and conferences.

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