Stuart Clark: Headless and the content authoring experience

Drupal is a great Content Management System, but some might argue that its content authoring experience is less than awesome. Reactive technologies, such as Vue and React, have opened up opportunities for more modern user experiences, and Drupals maturing JSON:API enables developers the use of these technologies through the decoupling of the presentation layer.

But decoupling doesn't have to be limited to the "presentation layer".

In this session Stuart will use DruxtJS ( to demonstrate the possibilities of decoupled content authoring, from inline editing to dedicated content authoring applications.

Stuart ClarkBio: Stuart is the Senior Developer at Realityloop, soon to be celebrating 15 years of Drupal, over 3 years Vue and Nuxt, and 30+ years total experience in web development.

Prior to the pandemic, Stuart and his business partner Brian, were deeply involved with both the local and international Drupal and wider open source communities, running DrupalMelbourne meetups and monthly mentoring sessions at the State Library of Victoria.

In recent years, Stuart has focused on Decoupled Drupal development, and is the project lead of DruxtJS (, a Fully Decoupled Drupal framework.

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