DrupalSouth Steering Committee - Call for candidates

Thursday 14th July

The Drupal community in Australia and New Zealand is seeking candidates for the DrupalSouth Steering Committee. New seats will be appointed in November 2022 and May 2023. 


The steering committee oversees the following activities:

* Providing continuity around governance and knowledge transfer.
* Spreading the responsibilities of organising community initiatives across a wider group of volunteers in a more structured manner.
* Selection of annual DrupalSouth conference venues and supporting local organising teams with established processes and tools. 
* Liaison with regional organisers to support meetups and smaller camps.
* Coordinating regional training and corporate outreach programs.
* Coordinating regional marketing activities.
* Management of ongoing budgets for smaller initiatives - grants, camps etc through its own Linux Australia bank account.
* Oversight of local community conflict resolution, such as breaches of the DrupalSouth Code of Conduct.
* Liaison with Linux Australia and Drupal Association on regional and global initiatives.

The committee is comprised of five members with a minimum of two women and two New Zealanders to ensure equal gender and geographic representation.

Candidates must be willing to do the following if elected:

* You must self-nominate as a candidate. If community members feel a particular person would make a great board member, they should encourage that individual to nominate themselves.
* You can serve a 2 year initial term on the committee.
* You sign up as a member of Linux Australia which acts as the governing body of the DrupalSouth Standing Sub Committee. This is free and has no obligations other than being a requirement to be a sub committee member.
* Attend a monthly conference call that will run for approximately one hour and undertake any follow up activities in your own time on a volunteer basis. 
* You understand there is no financial compensation for committee members.

The call for candidates closed at midnight (AEST) on Wednesday 31 August, 2022 and responses will be made public through the voting period.

Please direct any questions via the contact form.