2019 Committee Elections

  1. A call for self nomination of committee members will be made via groups.drupal.org in February 2019. These nominations will follow a similar format to that employed by the Drupal Association for board elections: https://www.drupal.org/association/blog/drupal-association-board-elections-2018
  2. Nominations will be published on DrupalSouth.org and promoted via groups.drupal.org and social media.
  3. A voting period for any interested community members will be held over a 2 week period in May 2019. Voting will be managed via a Google form with security to controls to ensure one vote per person from the local Australia and New Zealand communities.
  4. The committee will be finalised and inducted by July 2019.
Feb - Apr 2019 Call for self-nomination Complete
May 2019 Announcement of candidates on DrupalSouth.org Complete
May 2019 2 week voting period Complete
June 2019 Vote counting Complete
July 2019 Committee announced Complete