Publish date
Monday, 16 September

In attendance:  Chris Skene, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Kirsch, Pamela Barone, Thom Toogood 


  • Nicole had a phone call with Russell and got access to bank accounts and Xero

  • Payments need to be approved by LA and can either be made via bank transfer or expense claim

  • Nicole to draft committee parameters for Linux AU 

Publish date
Monday, 2 September

Looking to level up?

Publish date
Friday, 9 August

In attendance:  Chris Skene, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Kirsch

Unable to attend: Pamela Barone, Thom Toogood 

Hobart 2019:

  • The committee caught up with the organisers and it’s all running smoothly

  • Early bird tickets and Call for Papers are out  

  • Additional sponsors were confirmed last week


Publish date
Thursday, 1 August

Ticket sales for DrupalSouth Hobart 2019 are now open!

Early Bird tickets are available for August only and there are a limited amount so get in quick before they sell out and the price rises!

This year we have introduced group bundles. Purchase 5 or more tickets to receive a 5% discount and receive a 10% discount on 10 or more tickets. Group bundles are also limited so be quick to secure tickets for you and your team.

Publish date
Thursday, 4 July

In attendance: Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Owen Lansbury. Pamela Barone and Nicole Kirsch unable to attend.

Hobart 2019:

  • Event website scheduled to go live within next couple of days

  • Call for papers released with form ready to receive submissions shortly

  • Confirmed sponsors put budget at break even already

DrupalSouth 2020:

Publish date
Monday, 17 June

Meeting Date: 13 June 2019

In attendance: Chris Skene, Nicole Kirsch, Pam Barone, Thom Toogood, Owen Lansbury


Publish date
Monday, 11 March

The Drupal Community in Australia and New Zealand is seeking candidates to form a permanent Standing Sub Committee with the goal to drive regional initiatives such as:


Publish date
Thursday, 8 November

Understanding that our basic human needs barely change, how does the future of technology shape what we eat, how we communicate, how we commute or how we love?

Charbel Zeaiter’s keynote presentation will hone in on what he considers to be “The Five Waves of Technology” and how emerging technologies will affect our core human reality. What will this mean for our world, our communities and our sense of self?

Publish date
Tuesday, 30 October

When faced with the challenges of tech and audience fragmentation, the costs of duplicated effort and inconsistent user experiences across government, what did the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet do? It developed Single Digital Presence as a flexible, open solution with collaboration and community built-in from the beginning.  

Publish date
Thursday, 11 October
DrupalSouth is pleased to announce Sally Young, core JavaScript maintainer and Admin UI & JavaScript Modernization Initiative lead, as our first keynote for DrupalSouth Canberra 2018.