DrupalSouth Canberra 2018

Monday 3rd December to Wednesday 5th December
Hotel Realm, Canberra
Images of Canberra

DrupalSouth is one of the longest running Drupal events in the Asia-Pacific region, and the key event for Drupal users in Australia and New Zealand. DrupalSouth Canberra 2018 represents the event’s 10th anniversary.

This year promises to be one of the biggest yet, with up to 500 people expected at the Hotel Realm in Canberra for two days of fantastic presentations, discussions, networking and learning.

The DrupalGov conference, run annually in Canberra since 2013 with about 250 attendees, will be combined with DrupalSouth this year.

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Publish date
Monday, 17 June

Meeting Date: 13 June 2019

In attendance: Chris Skene, Nicole Kirsch, Pam Barone, Thom Toogood, Owen Lansbury


Publish date
Monday, 11 March

The Drupal Community in Australia and New Zealand is seeking candidates to form a permanent Standing Sub Committee with the goal to drive regional initiatives such as:


Publish date
Thursday, 8 November

Understanding that our basic human needs barely change, how does the future of technology shape what we eat, how we communicate, how we commute or how we love?

Charbel Zeaiter’s keynote presentation will hone in on what he considers to be “The Five Waves of Technology” and how emerging technologies will affect our core human reality. What will this mean for our world, our communities and our sense of self?

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