DrupalSouth Christchurch 2008

Christchurch, New Zealand
Saturday 1st November to Sunday 2nd November

This event was the one that started it all.  A Bevan, Gold and Jonathan had a conversation about unconferences and DrupalCamps over beers at the Twisted Hop one Friday afternoon. The conversation continued and eventually the plotting and scheming resulted in an actual event.

In the first weekend of November, 2008, DrupalSouth was hosted in the bar that the idea was conceived in.


This speaker list was drawn from historical references. We are fairly certain that it is a comprehensive list.

Bevan Rudge

Bevan is a drupal themer and engineer at CivicActions working on JustCauseit.com, Witness Hub Map and other projects. Bevan is also very involved with the drupal community both online and in his local community.

Dave Lane

Dave (lightweight) has worked with open source for ages, since before Ubuntu was a twinkle in Mark Shuttleworth's eye! He's handy with Drupal, and dangerous with Emacs.

David Thomas

David works as a Senior Developer at Catalyst IT.
He has published a number of popular open-source extensions for Joomla and modules for Drupal.
In his spare time, he likes playing music and hiking.

Dan Morrison

As dman I've been doing lots Drupally, including a few projects with Signify, and then a few more with Sparks Interactive, including the Drupalization of Sorted.org.nz.

I'm based in Wellington as a mostly-independant Web Guy, building things like The Vintage Aviator (recently spotlighted on Drupal.org front page)

Jonathan Hunt

Jonathan is a freelance Drupal developer based in Christchurch, and instigator of DrupalSouth. Jonathan has been main developer on more than 20 Drupal sites including CommunityCentral (forthcoming), http://can.org.nz, http://nzskier.com, http://scott.co.nz, http://millymay.co.nz, and http://nzkm.net.nz and has consulted on others.

Josh Campbell

Josh is a Designer, CSS demon and IT educator.

Julian Carver

Julian is the principal of Seradigm. Seradigm is a niche consultancy specialising in strategy. Areas of focus include information management, information systems, e-Government, and facilitation in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Marek Kuziel

Marek started with Drupal back in 2003. He's been working in IT industry since 1996. He's Linux and Mac user, using free, open source technologies. After ten years of "doing PHP" for his job, he fell in love with Python and Django project in particular. OpenID and related technologies are also one of his interests. His company Encode Ltd is running first New Zealand OpenID provider at http://openid.net.nz. Marek is happily married with two children.

Brenda Wallace

Brenda (shiny) writes and uses opensource code for telcos. She works with SMS, WAP, and embedded applications for cellphones and PDAS, realtime billing, remote data access and phone number portability. She wishes she had more Erlang projects. Brenda likes the technology coming from the PHP community and knows life is too short to use java

Chris Burgess

Chris Burgess (xurizaemon) is an interdependent software developer from Piha, near Auckland. Not in Auckland, mind. Just near it. Honest.

He is the driving force behind Giant Robot and runs Drupal because "I heard it can do even more stuff than WordPress".

Specific areas of interest are toolkits for community use, dot-orgs, publishing, CiviCRM, and (begrudgingly) the occasional commercial client.