From Zero to Hero with Docker Contexts: Your Practical Guide!

Time: Thursday 21st March 14:00-14:15
Room: Corinthian
Track: Web Tools & Complementary Technologies

Docker is a large and evolving open-source project.

In recent times, agencies have been hit hard with licensing changes preventing them from being able to use, develop, and manage all of their projects on existing contracts - this change is systemic!

In this talk, we explore the state of Docker for local development, its alternatives in detail, and how each would work with your workflow. We will also explore the architecture of each of these solutions.

It's aimed at technical users who have or will lose control over their working environment due to these licensing changes, such as enterprise users, government, and small businesses. We will work to help you regain control and access to your projects in your local environment.


Karl Hepworth
Karl is an accomplished Ops Engineer with a remarkable 12-year journey in the Drupal ecosystem. His unique path allowed him to understand various layers within the application stack comprehensively.

Karl began his career as a content management team member within a Federal government agency in Australia. From there, he embarked on an intriguing trajectory, transitioning into Drupal development. Over time, he inherited the stewardship of many Drupal sites.

Karl's interest in making life easier and his fascination with operations led him to explore this facet of technology, driven by the need to manage an expanding portfolio of sites at scale. At the time, they were operated independently without the benefits of a container-based architecture.

In his relentless pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement, Karl recognized the limitations of his role as operations became increasingly abstracted from his reach. In search of fresh challenges and experiences, he embarked on a short break from his existing role, ultimately finding a new home at PreviousNext.

At PreviousNext, Karl has improved his skills in technologies like Go, Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS. He has also achieved certifications in some of these technologies.