How to stay sane while building a large-scale university website. An overview of the project.

Time: Wednesday 20th March 14:30-15:00
Room: Doric
Track: People & Culture

From kick-off in late 2021 to launch in November 2022, Bond University and PreviousNext teamed up to rebuild It was an adventure filled with victories, challenges and sprint planning sessions.

Join Nathan Greenway, Head of Enterprise Application Services at Bond University and Griffyn Heels, Agile Delivery Manager at PreviousNext, as they discuss the ‘year that was’ from their own perspectives - technical and non-technical.

In sharing this experience, you’ll learn how you, too, can bridge any technical divide to build a strong and collaborative working relationship for your next large-scale Drupal project.


Griffyn Heels / Nathan Greenway
Griffyn has worked closely with open-source web development teams over the past ten years to deliver a range of complex projects from ideation to launch.

Griffyn’s exposure to experienced and high-performing project teams has fostered a strong understanding of project management's technical and business sides, enabling him to make educated decisions.

Griffyn has led public and private sector projects, spanning industries including health, insurance, advertising, government and higher education.

Additional speakersNathan has worked in software development for 20 years and has been involved in a broad range of implementations across various capabilities.

For the past 15 years, Nathan has been working at Bond University and has been involved in the technical implementation of the core CMS, CRM platforms, and Data Integrations, among other product rollouts.