(Support) people are people too. Learn how to increase the odds of getting your required outcome

Time: Wednesday 20th March 15:20-15:50
Room: Doric
Track: People & Culture

Having been involved in support for years, from Level 1 through to being a Support manager through to the guy getting that call at 3:15am on a Sunday morning because everything has turned to poop.
I often see the same mistakes happening again and again.
All this does is:
- waste everyone's time with unnecessary back-and-forward
- increase frustration and stress
- devalue the larger experience

In this session I will be covering the main points that increase the odds of a happy outcome with a minimum of fuss.


Jim Koutsouris
Jim has been working in IT for the last 320+ years.
The bio field only has 2000 characters, which is not enough to list everything Jim has done.
Here are some of the main areas of expertise:
- business management
- project management
- hosting
- security and compliance
- developing teams
- working with various stakeholders
- support
- Drupal management and development for organisations of all sizes

Jim is currently working as a Technical Project Manager at Morpht.