Drupal and the Open Web in the Australian Government - 2024 edition

Time: Wednesday 20th March 12:15-12:45
Room: Corinthian
Track: Web Tools & Complementary Technologies

Following on from the session back in Drupalsouth Brisbane 2022 (blog post at https://www.pixelite.co.nz/article/drupal-and-the-open-web-in-the-australian-government-2022/ ) , this session will review the CMS landscape in the Australian government in 2024.

The presentation will focus on the movers and shakers in the CMS landscape, find out which high profile government departments are moving to Drupal, or away from it.

As in 2022, a state by state breakdown will be done, and we can even compare the total amount of Drupal running in each state, through a lens of PageRank. We will be able to see which states (and at the federal level) are making a broader adoption of Drupal.


Sean Hamlin
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