Building Drupal with Twig

Time: Wednesday 20th March 14:30-14:45
Room: Corinthian
Track: Drupal Development

I am sure we all heard about Twig and some of us could be very familiar with it. For a while, I have been using it as another language to handle HTML and PHP. However, the more I delve into it, the more I discover its power and capabilities.

Twig as a modern template engine, enhancing the quality of frontend development. It helps to define templates cleanly and have them in structure.

In my session, I would like to share some useful tools for building sites with Twig. How templates can be structured to maintain consistency across content types while allowing room for customisation on individual needs.


Kelvin Wong
Kelvin is a Senior Drupal Developer at Morpht. He has over 17 years experience building websites with Drupal and continuously adapting new technologies to improve development experience and collaboration in the team.