The good, the bad and the ugly: Project retrospectives

Time: Thursday 21st March 14:15-14:30
Room: Doric
Track: People & Culture

Each project brings its own challenges and learnings. Success comes from repeating the good, fixing the bad and avoiding the ugly. That's the theory anyway.

This presentation takes a lighthearted look back over hundreds of Drupal projects and will analyse them through the lense of the burn up chart. The jagged line tells a story of wins and losses, successes and failures, profit and loss. Along the way a lot of lessons have been learnt and no doubt missed as well. The presenter will provide some insights into some of the lowlights and highlights of delivering Drupal projects.

The session is suitable for business owners, project managers, developers and clients alike. There should be something relatable in it for everyone.


Murray Woodman
Murray is the Managing Director of Morpht, a Sydney based Drupal development agency. He has been a long time community contributor, organising the Sydney meetups and camps over a number of years. A regular speaker at Drupal conferences, Murray enjoys speaking on personalisation, AI, content modelling, the semantic web and site building techniques.