DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - July 4, 2019

Thursday 4th July

In attendance: Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Owen Lansbury. Pamela Barone and Nicole Kirsch unable to attend.

Hobart 2019:

  • Event website scheduled to go live within next couple of days

  • Call for papers released with form ready to receive submissions shortly

  • Confirmed sponsors put budget at break even already

DrupalSouth 2020:

  • Lead organiser assessing suitable venues to confirm for announcement in Hobart

  • Discussion around ensuring basic promotional material ready by Hobart

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019:

  • Owen & Thom definitely attending. Chris possibly attending.

  • Will assess meetings/sessions we can attend as representatives of DrupalSouth.

  • Chris has made contact with Avi Schwab around global camp organisers’ committee representation.

Code of Conduct Enforcement:

  • Drupal Association Community Working Group and Linux Australia Council response to DrupalSouth steering committee about CoC enforcement.

Sponsor & User Surveys:

  • Owen & Chris to draft surveys to be completed by Hobart 2019 sponsors and attendees and broader community to establish data and feedback on specific topics.

DrupalGov 2020:

  • Thom to discuss idea of running DrupalGov in Canberra in 2020 with Dept of Finance (GovCMS) and Victoria Single Digital Presence (SDP) team. 

  • Primary goal is to have a gov-focussed event for people that can’t attend DrupalSouth 2020.

  • Primary requirement is to assign an event organiser to lead the organising team.

DS Steering Committee Charter & Budget:

  • Owen to update charter and draft broader goals and targets, such as event attendance.

  • Budget related to main conference needs to include annual initiatives, such as travel grants, awards, software subscriptions (GSuite) etc.

Drupal Developer & Customer Support Pathways:

  • Separate workshop needs to be scheduled to discuss how DS can support pathways into Drupal for both developers and clients. (All)

  • E.g. Liaise with meetup organisers on “Hello Drupal” intro sessions, internships with larger Drupal services organisations, checklists for customers recruiting Drupal developers

  • Evaluate http://drupalladder.org to see how info can be utilised for regional audience.

General Ideas:

  • Centralise how Drupal Training providers can promote their courses via DrupalSouth.org and provide some standardisation around courses offered? (Owen)

  • Refresh of the DrupalSouth website theme. May require some funding to pay a contractor to do it? (Longer term priority)

  • DrupalSouth.org email addresses for committee members to communicate in an official capacity? Would require Google Apps subscription or similar. (Chris to set up).

  • Provide support to meetups and regional camps - funding, promotion etc. (Pam to liaise)

  • Develop and promote an ongoing code contribution initiative with agencies, large orgs and individual devs. (Chris & Thom)

  • Define a pathway for how young developers can be introduced to Drupal and progress into employment. E.g. training, mentoring, sprints, internships. This would probably require its own sub committee. (Workshop)

  • Promote the use of Drupal with flavour of the month frameworks like React and Angular. E.g. Drupal talks at related conferences and meetups. (Workshop)

  • Establish a list of well qualified Drupal speakers to talk at related tech conferences. i.e. Evangelise to the unconverted. (Workshop)

  • Sponsor related conferences as “Drupal” with support from specific vendors. (Separate Workshop)

  • Establish a regional tech conference calendar: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dwCRQ0bg0PVfKQkPkNZ3okDIrJhkgO1OtspyePPqUdc/edit#gid=0

  • Define a vision and goals for DrupalSouth. E.g. Can we grow conference attendee numbers at a certain rate? (Owen)

  • Establish an annual budget for DrupalSouth based on profits generated by the main conference and other activities. (Owen)

  • Do a sponsor survey in the lead up to Hobart to ensure sponsors are getting good perceived value out of their packages. E.g. Is pricing too high for top tiers? Do they get much out of sponsor booths? Is sponsorship just for the main conference, or do we structure it to carry into other events? (Owen)

  • Review Code of Conduct process and liaise with Linux Australia on legal coverage for event volunteers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IydZfI3LRn9iX-jK2HUkm2YIUGABvprl09J23P4-dKE/edit#heading=h.tss68oq7recz (Thom & Pam)

  • Corporate & government (Large Drupal users) initiatives to get more engagement from people using Drupal in their day to day jobs who wouldn’t otherwise contribute code or attend community events?  (Workshop)

  • Establish an internship program for developers looking to get into Drupal with a group of pre-qualified organisations?  (Workshop)

  • Establish a grant program to help underrepresented community members attend DrupalSouth or Drupal Training? (Owen)

  • Engagement with universities to encourage use of Drupal for student projects or other awareness programs? (Chris)

  • Establish a “Most Valued Community Contributor” award for DrupalSouth? Similar to Aaron Winbourne award at DrupalCon?  (Workshop)

  • Establish an awards event for Drupal projects similar to (or a regional version of) the Splash Awards? (Owen)

  • Establish a prize for someone to attend DrupalCon NA or Europe?  (Workshop)

  • Reach out to SE Asian Drupal communities to drive APAC collaboration. (Chris)

Canberra 2018 Videos:

  • Chris still waiting to post hard drive to Owen for processing