DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - November 7, 2019

Thursday 7th November

In attendance:  Chris Skene, Owen Lansbury, Pamela Barone, Thom Toogood 

DrupalCon Amsterdam Update

  • Thom & Owen attended c/o their respective employers.

  • Owen attended first Drupal Association Board Meeting with his 3 year Director's term commencing on Nov 1 2019.

  • Owen attended Splash Awards, Local Associations and Supporting Partners round table discussions and CEO dinner.

  • Lots of discussions around:
    • Roles of Local Associations and Events in relation to Drupal Association (DA)
    • Shared marketing activities
    • Role of DA in Drupal product marketing and engaging decision makers
    • Makers vs Takers: Drupal.org Contribution Credit system and ways that organisations and individuals might be better recognised for their contributions. Discussion thread on Drupal.org.
    • Drupal 9 release in 2020
    • Significant shift in Drupal being used for large scale projects. Impact on overall number of Drupal sites (Small-Medium sites are moving to SAAS and Wordpress) vs size of the Drupal "economy" (Dollar value of projects and number of companies/employees using Drupal).
    • Options available to centralise open Drupal training resources like Drupal Ladder to complement commercial offerings like Drupalize.me.

DrupalSouth Hobart

  • Event tracking well on budget and ticket sales.
  • Need to focus on timing of speaker selection and announcement for next event.
  • All sponsor slots except Diamond sold. 
  • Sponsor survey and BOF scheduled during event.
  • Meetup organisers BOF scheduled.
  • Chris and Thom to organise steering committee panel format.
  • Owen to organise thank you gifts for event volunteers.

DrupalGov & DrupalSouth 2020

  • Discussion of options around two events to be announced in Hobart.

LinuxConf 2020

  • Pam to attend and develop relationships with LA council and other open source community organisers.
  • Updated sub committee policy to be released soon that DrupalSouth will fall under within LA governance structure.

Strategic Priorities

  • Chris knows a designer who might be free to redesign DS website look and feel in late 2019.
  • Pam to undertake Code of Conduct training course.
  • Draft of prioritised DS strategic initiatives outlined in Google Doc (Open for public viewing). These will be discussed at Hobart steering committee public panel.