DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - September 5, 2019

Monday 16th September

In attendance:  Chris Skene, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Kirsch, Pamela Barone, Thom Toogood 


  • Nicole had a phone call with Russell and got access to bank accounts and Xero

  • Payments need to be approved by LA and can either be made via bank transfer or expense claim

  • Nicole to draft committee parameters for Linux AU 

  • G-Suit licence to be purchased and expense claimed by Chris

  • Nicole to follow up with Russell on a DrupalSouth Hobart payment deposited into the wrong account

Hobart 2019:

  • Going well without issues

  • Plenty of talk submissions 

  • All sponsor packages besides diamond are sold out

DrupalSouth 2020:

  • Chris caught up with one of the organisers and gave us an update

  • A potential venue has been identified but isn’t booked yet

  • Pam to contact the organisers and help locking in the venue

  • The aim is to have a venue and some marketing material in place before Hobart

DrupalGov 2020:

  • Thom got buy-in for DrupalGov2020

  • Chris will be the first point of contact and put out a call for location (Canberra or Melbourne?)

  • Alfred Deeb (Salsa Digital) agreed to lead the organisation

  • Aiming for June 2020

  • Chris is attending the GovCMS Mega Meetup in September and advertise DrupalSouth 2019

  • Thom to talk to GovCMS leadership team to find out how we can work together and benefit each other

Amsterdam 2019:

  • Thom, Owen and Chris will attend

  • Event organisers group: A new panel for Drupal event organisers 

  • Owen to attend the organisers panel meeting

  • Owen was elected on the DA board. Congrats!! Exciting news!

Code of Conduct:

  • Pam to attend an online workshop organised by the Drupal Community Working Group

Sponsor & User Survey

  • We decided to send out the user survey before DrupalSouth Hobart and the sponsor survey after the event

  • Chris to finalise

NZ Gov Drupal Issues:

  • Nicole to clarify rumours around the use of Drupal by NZ government agencies after a non Drupal related privacy breach incident


  • We discussed visions and goals for the Committee and gathered potential initiatives that need to be prioritised and explored