DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - December 3, 2020

Monday 7th December

Attendees: Janna Malikova, Chris Skene, Dave Sparks, Nicole Ritchie, Owen Lansbury>

Drupal Gov recap

  • Overall, the conference was a success and well organised. The Committee would like to thank the organisers and everyone involved for all their effort over the past few months. 
  • We had a record number of 336 attendees. 
  • Privacy/Sponsors
    • It was decided that the attendees list will not be given out to sponsors due to privacy reasons. 
    • The Committee will put a standardised sponsor package together to ensure consistency and transparency for future events. 
    • Action point: Nicole and Dave to start a draft document.
  • EventsAir Platform
    • Negative feedback was received from attendees, sponsors and organisers and it is recommended to use a different event platform for future events. 

DrupalSouth 2021 

  • DrupalSouth Wellington was postponed until early 2022 seeing the deposit at TePapa was paid and can’t be refunded.  
  • We discussed the option to run a 1 day event in 2021 (mid year). 
  • Action point: Owen to start an ideas board to get the community involved.

Budget 2021 

  • We will revisit the budget spreadsheet and work towards an annual budget that gets signed off by Linux Australia. 
  • Priorities: 
    • Website management and updates
    • Regional Marketing


  • Meetup organisers are struggling to find venues with the majority of offices being closed due to Covid.
    • We encourage Meetup groups to find alternative spaces and submit a proposal for sponsorship to the DrupalSouth Committee. 
    • Action point: Janna to put a guide together for local Meetup organisers.
  • Organisers are encouraged to promote Meetups via the DrupalSouth Social Media accounts.  


The next Committee meeting will be early February due to Christmas holidays.