DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - February 6, 2020

Thursday 6th February

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Owen Lansbury, Chris Skene, Si Hobbs

Drupal Career Pathways

  • Working group established in January. Coordinated by Si Hobbs with members Bronny Fisher, Kristy Devries, Tinny Ngueyen, Guy Owen, Vladimir Roudakov and Kate Hogden
  • First step has been to identify initiatives and which members are keen to focus on specific areas, outlined in this doc.
  • Working Group evaluating outreach to new developers in universities and other communities, training, internship programs and employment opportunities.
  • Aim to have a broad outlined of approach and to kick start initiatives from March onwards.
  • Noted that current Drupal Slack channel doesn't retain old conversation threads, hindering the ability to look back through old posts.

Linux Australia Conference - Gold Coast Jan 2020

  • Pam attended on behalf of the steering committee.
  • Primarily a relationship building exercise with LA Council members.
  • Insight into how they run the LA conference - excellent Women in Tech Breakfast; Funded childcare on site; Coding for Kids courses.

DrupalSouth Annual Budget

  • Owen to act as primary contact point with Linux Australia on financial matters to avoid overlap on requests.
  • Need to refine an annual budget proposal to put to LA in order to fund other activities outside primary conference.
  • Set up a generic DrupalSouth bank account for this purpose. All steering committee members need Westpac IDs to review and approve payments.

DrupalGov Canberra

  • Budget and team ready for LA review. Chris to forward to Owen to submit to LA.
  • Venue can't be confirmed until budget approved. Deposit likely to be ~$5K to secure preferred dates.

DrupalSouth Wellington

  • Venue secured for March 2021. 
  • Contract and deposit pending budget and event team approval by LA.

Marketing / PR

  • Lengthy discussion on goals of engaging a contracted Marketing / PR person to drive Drupal awareness in media and with decision makers.
  • Owen to request formal proposal from initial candidate.
  • Chris to evaluate alternative providers for comparative approaches and quotes.
  • Need to update website with future event information.
  • Chris to follow up with Natalie and Kristy regarding availability to commence website redesign.
  • Agreement that cosmetic refresh of current site the main priority. More detailed UX review and restructure a lower priority.

Dev Days

  • Lack of clarity around what form these may take. Committee to collaborate on an outline of this.
  • Pam to follow up with Murray @ Morpht around his interest in running one in Sydney in 2020.

Executive Summits

  • Owen on organising team for DrupalCon Minneapolis Exec Summit. 
  • Plan is to assess how this might be repurposed for local use in AU/NZ.

Next Steering Committee meeting scheduled for Thursday March 5.