DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - January 9, 2020

Thursday 9th January

Attendees: Thom Toogood, Pamela Barone, Owen Lansbury, Chris Skene, Nicole Kirsch 


  • Dates and venue needs to be confirmed
  • Proposed order: Wednesday: DrupalGov, Thursday: Sprint day, Friday: GovCMS
  • Pam to catch up with Russell at Linux conference and get organising team approved

DrupalSouth Wellington

  • Dates are secured 
  • Next steps: Confirm events team and budget

Annual Budget

Owen and Nicole to catch up early February

Hobart Retro

Nicole to follow up with Si on the final financial report 

User Survey

Chris to send out in March

Strategic Priorities

  • DrupalSouth.org rebuild: Chris to put brief together for designer 
  • Marketing / PR contractor: On hold until we have the budget finalised
  • Decision maker summits
    • DA is putting a lot of focus on the Executive Summit in Mineapolis
    • It makes sense for us to tie in with the DA and use templates, draft formats etc. 
    • Owen is meeting with local Japanese Drupal people in Tokyo in the next 2 weeks 
  • Dev Days
    • Pam/Thom to contact local Meetup organisers and decide on a location
    • Potentially run in next 6 months
    • Team of people to volunteer needed in event location

NZ market

We identified needs that also apply for the AU market and will be addressed this year:

  • Generic Drupal marketing on Drupalsouth.org to point clients at
  • Blogs / case studies in local magazines, media etc.
  • Outreach to companies / local agencies to find out who is using Drupal to understand the market