DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - July 2, 2020

Thursday 30th July

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Nicole Kirsch, Toby Bellwood, Kristy De Vries

Drupal Career Pathways

  • Kristy gave an update on what the working group is currently focusing on. 
  • The Group is meeting once a month. 
  • The theme for the next meeting is: Train the trainer. 
  • The Group will collaboratively work on topics and identify tasks to be split across the team. 
  • Identify real projects for internships. 
  • One goal the group set is to develop templates and a standardised approach that can be shared with the broader community.
  • Content will eventually be put on the DrupalSouth website. 

Government Working Group

  • Toby updated us on the first meeting the Government Working Group held. 
  • A large number of attendees from NZ (5) and Australia (8) attended.
  • Meetings will be held monthly. 
  • The working group discussed different topics to focus on in the coming months:
    • Shared best practices to mitigate risks. 
    • Recognise different user journeys and pathways (less technical user vs agency land). 
    • How to promote different tiers of use.
  • A follow up call for further topics will be made.
  • Group aims:
    • Collaboration and communication
    • Be a kernel to communicate - connection channel 
    • Avoid duplication / share wins
    • Promote AU/NZ as Drupal in Gov specialists
      • PR - success stories, etc. 
  • Potentially invite external participants for specific topics, e.g. security in Gov

DrupalGov Australia 2020

  • The received proposal (incl. budget) will be reviewed until the next meeting
  • 4 and 5 November 2020
  • Virtual, possibly on Hopin
  • Multi track format
  • We discussed ideas for different sponsorship options to provide value. 
  • Promote to wider APAC audience, e.g. Singapore
  • Covid dependent, we could set up physical hubs in different cities. 
    • Open social 
    • Local Meetup organisers could be looped in
    • Sponsors could provide space
  • GovCMS meetup potentially on Friday

DrupalSouth Wellington 2021

  • A team has been established. 
  • We’re currently waiting until September to make a call if the date needs to be pushed out. 

Committee re-election

  • Call for candidates in September. 
  • Re-election of the full committee but the roll over is staggered.