DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - June 4, 2020

Wednesday 17th June

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Nicole Kirsch, Owen Lansbury

Drupal9 launch

  • D9 was launched as scheduled

Gov Canberra

  • No further updates
  • Organisation to start in July
  • We talked about ticket pricing and sponsorship options
  • It would be good to involve the newly formed government working group in the organisation 
  • We discussed the preference of shorter blocks rather than back to backs

DrupalSouth Wellington

  • Alex is still looking for a sponsorship lead
  • Waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted before further organisation

Government working group

  • Toby Bellwood is leading the Government working group 
  • A call for volunteers was made and a good number of people reached out 


  • The format for DrupalCon Global has just been released , July 14-17 
    • We will promote it through the DrupalSouth channels
    • Unfortunately it's in the wrong timezone

Career pathways

  • Si handed over the leadership to Kristy