DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - March 5, 2020

Monday 9th March

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Owen Lansbury, Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Nicole Kirsch, Si Hobbs

Drupal Career Pathways

  • The working group is making good progress looking into internships, meetup improvements and mentoring support.
  • NicoleK to organise a call with the US working group to share resources. 

DrupalGov Canberra

  • Dates and venue need to be confirmed 

DrupalSouth Wellington

  • Video recording options to be clarified 
  • The organising team needs to be identified and briefed 


  • We discussed the options of a budget for each meetup group and the pros and cons of a pro zoom account

Marketing / PR

  • A proposal has been submitted and is currently being reviewed


Next Steering Committee meeting scheduled for Thursday April 2.