DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - October 6, 2020

Monday 2nd November

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Nicole Kirsch, Owen Lansbury, Kristy De Vries (first half)

Drupal Career Pathways

  • The working group will organise a meeting to talk about internships
    • The plan is to run project every month, e.g. DS website rebuild
    • Create a Miro board for tools etc.  
  • No outreach to agencies yet
  • Open community discussion

Drupal Gov

  • Speakers, scheduled are being finalised, ideally emails to be send out on Thu 08/10
  • 64 submissions
  • Currently finalising Keynotes
  • Ticket sale has been slow
  • Virtual conference platform will be EventsAir

Committee re-election

  • Submission have been slow and we will start reaching out to people 

Tech tool management

  • We will need to look into a transition plan for DrupalSouth website, platforms etc.