DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - September 3, 2020

Monday 2nd November

Attendees: Pamela Barone, Chris Skene, Thom Toogood, Nicole Kirsch, Owen Lansbury, Kristy De Vries (first half)

Drupal Career Pathways

  • Monthly meetings going well. Different focus areas were assigned to the working group members to drive things along

  • The working group will send out a questionnaire to agencies to find out what they expect from internships which will guide the manuals

  • The working group will possibly run a BoF at DrupalGov

Drupal Gov

  • Currently looking for keynote speakers
  • We need to finalise the virtual platform
    • Hopin looks too expensive
    • Possible platform: eventsair.com
      • AU sales team
      • Cheaper
      • 2 options: fully managed or unlimited yearly subscription model
  • About 20 speakers 
  • Ticket sale has been slow
  • Proposal for papers have been slow and it was decided to extend the deadline until after the weekend

DrupalSouth Wellington 2021

  • The call was made that DrupalSouth Wellington is not going ahead in March and postponed to a later date
  • Review early next year
  • We discussed the possibility of organising a different event early next year (e.g. mega meetup) but we’ll wait and review how DrupalGov goes and talk to local meetup organisers in due course. 

Committee re-election

  • Call for committee candidates has gone out
  • 2 people roll off in November 2022, get replaced straight away
  • 3 people roll off in April 2021 and chairs position is re-elected
  • The charter doc will get reviewed and updated before the next meeting

System Maintenance

  • Annex will take over the ownership of the DrupalSouth website to mitigate the risk of Chris and Vlad being the only maintainers