DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - April 1, 2021

Friday 30th April

Attendees: Janna Malikova, Chris Skene, Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Kristy de Vries, Nicole Ritchie

DrupalSouth 2021 shorts

  • Nicole Sterling is confirmed (Stirling Marketing) was selected as the events organiser and planning commenced
  • Kick-off meeting to be scheduled to brainstorm 
    • Ideas
    • Format
    • Dates 
  • An even landing page will be created in the next few weeks
  • Volunteers applications received and it was decided we will work out the event format before getting back to them
  • Dave and Nicole proposed a new sponsorship format for future events
  • The committee to provide feedback before the next meeting

Website proposals

  • We received 2 proposals 
  • We will review the proposals before the next committee meeting 

Career Pathways

  • Kristy joined us with an update from the working group
  • The working group drafted a survey to be sent out to org-leaders in the coming weeks
  • The working group offered to potentially help out with the website refresh as a mini project for a junior developer