DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - August 5, 2021

Thursday 5th August

Attendees: Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Ritchie, Kristy de Vries (second half) 

DrupalSouth 2021 

  • Good uptake on Early bird tickets
    • 130 tickets sold 
    • 70 speakers/sponsor tickets
    • Aim to hit 300 in total
  • Marketing material ready 
  • Learnings: Have a dedicated team of volunteers for the next virtual event
  • Not a very engaging response from audience and volunteers 
    • More structure around timelines, call for papers etc. for future events 
  • Good having a professional events organiser 
    • Done extra stuff we wouldn’t have thought of 
  •  Better sponsor engagement on the platform - sign up to be a sponsor
    • Expand reach to more sponsors 
  • Next event in November

DrupalSouth Wellington

  • Most likely be called off due to the latest Covid outbreaks 
  • Dave to talk to Alex next week 


  • Need more volunteers or interested interns