DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - February 4, 2021

Thursday 4th February

Attendees: Janna Malikova, Chris Skene, Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Kristy de Vries

Drupal Career Paths - Working Group

  • Kirsty has been coordinating the Career Paths Working Group since mid 2020.
  • Focusing effort on a survey for agencies and potential Drupal career recruits to establish what their needs are and how an internship model may work.
  • Information page for DrupalSouth website needed that outlines the initiatives. 
  • Working on internship models that might suit remote working during ongoing Covid restrictions.
  • May need to consider alternatives to internships to get new developers into Drupal - e.g. mentoring programs.
  • Dave noted that it's worth talking to Catalyst IT about their well established internship program.
  • Summer of Tech runs internship programs in NZ https://summeroftech.co.nz/
  • Auckland Uni and AUT have graduate internship programs
  • Contact has been established with the Drupal Association's "Talent & Education Initiative", that's currently in development.
  • Some initiatives that might require funding by DrupalSouth.

DrupalSouth 2021

  • Consensus on the committee that an online conference with standard session presentations is not a compelling format due to ongoing "zoom" fatigue due to Covid.
  • Sessions need to be more interactive, such as pre-curated BoFs, panels, workshops etc. 
  • Need better exposure and opportunities for sponsors.
  • Decision to investigate running a shorter format event, repeated throughout the year with different topics and audiences. e.g. 3 x quarterly events.
  • Engage a professional event coordinator rather than relying solely on volunteers. 
  • Ensure digital platform supports the event format effectively. HopIn and Veertly mentioned as potential options.
  • Reach audiences that DrupalSouth might not have effectively engaged in the past - particularly decision makers.
  • Don't overlap with existing Drupal Meetup formats. 
  • Opportunity to tie in with Drupal's 20th anniversary.
  • Dave & Nicole have been working on a revised sponsorship model. 

Other Business

  • Drupal in Government working group needs a reboot in 2021. Toby Bellwood to investigate options.
  • DrupalSouth website design - decision to run an EOI for agencies and freelancers to bid on undertaking it as a paid project, funded by DrupalSouth retained funds.
  • Sohal Khatwani to transition into Chris Skene's committee seat from March to May.