DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - June 10, 2021

Wednesday 30th June

Attendees: Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Ritchie, Kristy de Vries 

DrupalSouth 2021 feedback for Block 1 - Executive Online Roundtable

  • A blogpost will be published in the next couple of weeks
  • 15 attendees 
  • The event went well and we received good feedback
  • Marketing on Linkedin was successful and we will setup a DrupalSouth profile going forward

DrupalSouth 2021: Block 2 and 3

  • Series of 2 events: 
    • Late August and November 
    • 1 ticket for both 
  • Round tables worked really well
  • We discussed possible formats and topics
  • Weekly meetings with the event manager are ongoing
  • We will release a survey in the next couple of weeks to get feedback from the community

DrupalSouth 2022 update

  • Hard to get insurance during Covid and the border situation is still unstable
  • Need to talk to Alex and team and make a call in the near future

Career Pathways 

  • Survey to go out to agencies regarding internship
  • A teacher joining the Brisbane Meetups is interested to introduce students to agencies that are hiring
  • Drupalcamp in Brisbane 
    • Vladimir looking at organising another DrupalCamp in Brisbane 
    • More details to be confirmed
  • DrupalSouth website redevelopment 
    • Design and style guide finalised
    • Handover to Kristy and Vladimir to come up with a plan and timeline to involve interns/volunteers