DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - November 4

Thursday 4th November

Attendees: Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Janna Malikova, Sohal Khatwani

Committee Members

  • Dave Sparks assuming role of Committee Chair from November 2021
  • Owen Lansbury remaining on committee in supporting role
  • Nicole Kirsch stepping down in early 2022. Invitation to Kristy De Vries made to take up the vacant seat.

 DrupalSouth Shorts 

  • Everything is in place for November 11 - just a couple of minor program issues to finalise.
  • Event will generate a modest profit of around $7K after all expenses are finalised, including website redesign budget.
  • DrupalSouth committee panel - Owen to prep content for discussion. 

DrupalCamp in February 

  • Organised by Vladimir - to be promoted at DrupalSouth

Website re-design 

  • Close to being completed in the next week, with a target launch to coincide with the November event.
  • Will require some QA and content cleanup when migration complete.

2022 & 2023 Events

  • Discussion of in-person event in July - August 2022 in a warm location. AU travel likely to have returned to normal and NZ travellers allowed to enter AU without quarantine. 
  • Early 2023 event possible in NZ if corporate travel has returned to normal.
  • Run survey with DrupalSouth attendees on preferred dates.