DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - September 2, 2021

Thursday 7th October

Attendees: Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Nicole Ritchie, Kristy de Vries, Sohal Khatwani 

Career Pathways Working Group

  • Website redesign lead by Vladimir, weekly Meetups on Fridays 
    • People are welcome to join and take on some tasks
    • More calls have gone out to find more interns 
    • Challenge is finding interns 
    • The front-end will be funded 
    • Vladimir made the Gitlab board here: https://gitlab.com/drupal-brisbane/drupalsouth-website/-/boards 

DrupalSouth Shorts 

  • Looking to modify the format slightly for the second round
  • We will be asking Sponsors for feedback
  • It'd be great if there was a Hallway for 1x1 interactions 

DrupalSouth 2022

  • We’ll talk to Te Papa in the coming days to see if the contract can be cancelled without fees


  • Database - add subscription form to Mailchimp and the Website
    • It'd be great to compile and formalise a list of subscribers and channels/tools in use
    • Sohal to look into a suitable Passwordmanager