DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - 14 December, 2022

Thursday 15th December

In attendance: Chris Burgess, Owen Lansbury, Dave Sparks, Julia Topliss, Mike Richardson, Margery Tongway

Meeting points:

  • Finalising details for DrupalSouth 2023. Event announcement likely to be early 2023 (edited: previously expected to be announced week of 19 December),  with sponsors being contacted early in the new year too. 
  • Investigating the introduction of Splash Awards at DrupalSouth 2023.
  • Investigating the introduction of Discover Drupal for Australia and NZ. The Discover Drupal program aims to engage with, and close the gap to marginalised and disadvantaged people.
  • Consolidating DS social media account credentials is be a priority.

Next meeting:

  • Due to family/holiday commitments, the January 2023 committee meeting will be skipped. Pencilled the first 2023 meeting for 7 February.