DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - February 9, 2022

Wednesday 9th February

Attendees: Dave Sparks, Owen Lansbury, Janna Malikova, Kristy de Vries

General Updates

  • Some of the DrupalSouth.org email addresses were culled, due to inactivity. 
  • We’ll need to run a call for committee candidates around August this year for all seats renewing in November and May 2023.


  • We won’t be reviewing events until a bit later on this year, though we’re hoping we can plan an in-person event in late August 2022. 
  • Larger in-person events likely not to happen for a while due to COVID.
  • We are considering running separate AU & NZ conferences, pending feedback from a survey to be sent out.  
  • DrupalCamp Brisbane in February cancelled due to the COVID omicron outbreak.
  • DrupalCon Europe in September, next year’s DrupalCon is not until June 2023. There is a gap at the beginning of 2023 for DrupalSouth to run an event. 

Marketing & PR & Meetups

  • We’re looking to engage Nicole Stirling for some PR and Marketing work with some of the budget from recent events. 
  • Consolidating all the contacts into one file/location. 
  • The committee is going to be working on a survey to request feedback from the community on events, what the community wants, and how the committee can best support and facilitate this. Events, grassroots, more we can do to support the meetups, pathways for careers in Drupal. 

Drupal Talent Working Group

  • The Drupal Talent working group, meet every month to discuss pathways into Drupal. We have recently lost a couple of volunteers, and in our last meetup last week, we discussed whether we should continue on with the working group, whether we should look for more volunteers or whether there is still a need for this working group. 
  • While we know there is a need for more talent into Drupal, and there are juniors who want real work experience - so far our efforts to find junior developers interested in mentorship has been a challenge. 
  • Perhaps we can look at taking a different approach. Reaching out to working groups in other parts of the world, for example the Discover Drupal Scholarship to see if we can partner with them. Also to get in touch with the Develop For Good organisation as what they’re doing seems to be in line with the goals of the working group. 
  • Perhaps we can work with Nicole on a marketing campaign to reach out to graduates, PHP developers and people coming back to development work. 

Next Steps

  • Owen and Dave to reach out to Nicole regarding marketing and PR events.
  • Owen and Kristy to reach out to the Drupal Association about Discover Drupal.
  • Kristy to contact DevelopForGood.org to see if they'd like to partner with us. 
  • Dave and Janna to look at survey questions and have a chat about meetup support.
  • Reach out to the local organisers about meetups.
  • Dave to chat with Alex about TedX sessions.