DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - November 9, 2022

Wednesday 9th November

In attendance: Owen Lansbury, Chris Burgess, Dave Sparks, Mike Richardson, Julia Topliss, Sohal Khatwani, Margery Tongway


  • Welcome new committee members

Meeting points:

  • Dave Sparks will be having a post DrupalSouth meeting with Linux Australia tonight.
  • Owen asked for volunteers to fill the treasurer and secretary roles on the DS committee. Marge volunteered for the secretary role, and Mike the treasurer.
  • Owen talked meeting members though the google drive.
  • Venue for DrupalSouth NZ in May - looking at a venue previously used for a TEDx conference - 3 different sized presentation rooms, a bar that holds 100+ people, green room etc however not confirmed yet.
  • Ideas for promoting Drupal in our region - some ideas were shared, however will be talked about more at local meetups and more thoroughly in December 2022 meeting.
  • Sohal said goodbye to the committee, noting he’d be happy to give a hand if needed.

Next meeting topics:

  • Initiatives!