DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - 13 December 2023

Wednesday 13th December

In attendance: Dave, Michael, Marge

Meeting points:

  • DrupalSouth Community Day 2023: 
    • This was a huge success and we will be looking to run the event again, in Canberra.
    • Feedback was overall positive, with a large proportion of people looking to turn up no matter what!
    • We will be looking to start the day earlier (around 930am), and run 3x3 sessions at a time, to have 9 sessions in one day. 
    • Sessions to be shorter (45-60 mins), but be flexible to include lightning sessions within a timeslot.
    • Likely to be run on an adjacent date to the GovCMS Mega Meetup again, if possible.
  • DrupalSouth Sydney 2024
    • Tickets are on sale - the first 50 tickets are at an early bird price.
    • Sponsorship places are still available, including the Diamond sponsorship. If you're interested, please email events@drupalsouth.org.
    • Speaker selections due before Christmas 2023. ETA on speaker selection to be made available soon.

Next meeting:

  • Monday ?? January 2023 - date and time TBA as we look to accomodate the committees availability.

If you would like to be invited to a DrupalSouth Committee Meeting to observe, contact chair@drupalsouth.org