DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - 11 June 2024

Wednesday 12th June

In attendance: Dave, Chris, Marge and Mike

Apologies: Julia

Meeting points:

  • DrupalBooth:
    • Webinar to be held by committee members in the next couple of months aimed at sponsors - TBA agenda. Too late to organise TechInGov and EduTech attendance!
  • DrupalSouth Melbourne 2025
    • Venues being assessed, nothing locked in yet.
  • Outreach to local Drupal organisers
    • Marge gave a list of interested parties to Drupal Association, waiting to hear the next steps.
  • DrupalSouth committee elections
    • The current committee members to confirm way forward with previous members to make sure we get it right.
    • Likely to introduce sub-committee section on election form (TBA).
    • Start promotion in July, voting in September, announcements in October.
  • DrupalSouth Community Day:
    • GovCMS Mega Meetup scheduled 13 November 2024, Southern Cross club, Woden.
    • Karl to lead enquires to potential venue cost for 12 or 14 November in Canberra.
    • Marge to create new Google form to gauge interest in attending/helping in a 2024 event.

Next meeting:

  • Scheduled for Monday 8 July 2024, however may change due to committee member prior commitments. 
  • If you would like to be invited to a DrupalSouth Committee Meeting to observe, contact chair@drupalsouth.org