DrupalSouth Steering Committee Minutes - 8 April 2024

Monday 8th April

In attendance: Dave, Chris, Marge, Julia, Mike and special guest Karl!

Meeting points:

  • DrupalSouth Sydney
    • Around 40 people responded to the survey, with the majority happy with their experience.
    • Feedback regarding communication prior to the events was mostly received via emails, with slack being the next place to find out information.
  • DrupalSouth Melbourne 2025
    • Venues specs and and pricing options has started.
    • Very likely to be in the first half of 2025, noting that Sydney was probably too close to over the holiday period.
    • Central Melbourne location preferred for travel and accomodation.
  • Meetup.com and Webinar series 
    • Recent discussion in slack have highlighted the downturn in in-person meetups (Canberra being the exception).
      • DrupalSouth are happy to reimburse local meetup costs for items like meetup.com fees, venue hire, banners, and food (alcohol excluded). 
      • A business case or similar, with an invoice (with GST) costs would need to be submitted.
      • Reporting to ensure the the meetups are continuing to run.
      • Any DrupalSouth upcoming events or announcements should be provided to attendees.
    • A new initiative called the "DrupalSouth Regional Meetups & Webinars" to be run this year
      • To be held online for 1 hour max during typical AU/NZ work time.
      • Two speakers per session.
      • To be run monthly, with a different city in charge each time.
      • Every 3 months an in-person meetup to be held.

Next meeting:

  • Scheduled for Monday 13 May 2024, however may change due to committee member prior commitments. 

If you would like to be invited to a DrupalSouth Committee Meeting to observe, contact chair@drupalsouth.org