Akhil Bhandari

Local community

My background and history with Drupal:

I've been working with Drupal since 2014 mainly on the business side as a product owner of Australian Government websites and projects. More recently, I’ve also been delivering many website projects on Drupal and have been involved in developing new technical Drupal solutions as a product manager, business analyst and frontend UX specialist.

I have also been involved in the Drupal community, as both a participant and volunteer at events. This includes: presenting at various DrupalSouth events, volunteering for this year's DrupalSouth, managing and MC’ing /hosting DrupalGov 2019, and being involved in monthly Drupal Melbourne Meetups co-hosting events run by Salsa.

Why I'm running as a candidate:

I enjoy being involved in the Drupal community and especially helping others by giving back. Given I am not a developer I want to show that even non-technical Drupal community members can give back to the community, through non-code contributions.

Why you should vote for me:

I have a  passion for technology and a genuine desire to help others, especially within the Drupal community (a community  I’ve been involved in for several years). I think my deep involvement in regional-level events like DrupalGov and DrupalSouth can help inform and shape future events and assist in making sure these and other initiatives by the committee and community are successful.

Gender: Male

Akhil Bhandari