Dave Sparks

Local community
New Zealand

My background and history with Drupal:
I've been making websites since 1997, and making them with Drupal since 2007. I manage a web agency that specialises in Drupal, and open source contribution. We've published an open source distribution called Sector since 2016. I have spoken at DrupalSouth, organised DrupalSouth 2017 in Auckland and DrupalSouth Shorts online series in 2021. 

Why I'm running as a candidate:
I value the Drupal community and the way we do things here in Australia and New Zealand. I love that our region is such a strong contributor to Drupal internationally, and am very proud of the work that DrupalSouth has done to strengthen our corner of the wider open source movement. I have been part of the DrupalSouth committee for 2 years, and Chair for the last   10 or so months, and would love to continuing building on what we've achieved over that time.

Why you should vote for me:
I do my best to work with others and make good things happen. 

Gender: Male

Dave Sparks