Dave Sparks

Local community
New Zealand

My background and history with Drupal:

Started with Drupal in 2006/7 with the rebuild of www.sorted.org.nz, one of the first NZ Government Drupal websites, and subsequently have built 100s of sites in versions 5, 6, 7 and 8 including key public sector sites for The Treasury and The Beehive and a number of popular commercial sites. Although my personal interaction on drupal.org is low, I have been fortunate to be part of building a team with significant Drupal contribution across a number of different areas (https://www.drupal.org/sparks-interactive).

In the community I have supported a number of events in Australia and New Zealand: Sponsored and spoke at DrupalSouth 2010 Wellington, Jade Sponsor DrupalSouth 2014, Coffee Sponsor DrupalSouth 2015 Melbourne, Sponsor and Speaker DrupalSouth 2016 Gold Coast, Co-organiser Platinum Sponsor and Speaker at DrupalSouth 2017 Auckland. I have also sponsored and supported the Wellington Drupal meetup over the long term, and am co-organiser of the Auckland Drupal meetup.

My focus over the last 5 years has been leading the development of a Drupal distribution called Sector (https://www.sector.nz/), to enable government, not-for-profit and commercial Drupal users to more quickly engage with Drupal and deliver better content-driven user experiences - and to ease the transition into Drupal 8.

Why I'm running as a candidate:

I believe that Drupal is made by people, for people, and that the communities that foster positive interaction and learning are important for providing those people with the best possible experience.

Every DrupalSouth I've been to has benefited me and my colleagues, personally and professionally, and they have been invaluable in us all becoming better Drupalers.

I want to see the community supporting DrupalSouth continue to grow and flourish, and I believe I have the commercial, community-building and event experience to help make that happen.

Why you should vote for me:

As someone who does not come from a development background, my role has always been to bring the right people together and support them as a team to deliver design, code, documentation and everything else that makes a project a success.

I believe there is a huge opportunity for our Drupal conferences and community spaces to grow our outreach to embrace more people and bring them together with the core dev community we typically see at events. I see two great benefits for this.

First certainly to further enrich the quality of thought and effort going into the core product and associated documentation as new people come into open source. But perhaps more importantly, the second is to make it easier for end user communities - especially in not-for-profit, public good and social action - to see themselves in our community, learn more about what they can do, and do more with Drupal.