Erin Starling

Local community

My background and history with Drupal:

I have more than a decade of experience coordinating Drupal projects at Oxide Interactive as well as a history of production management and marketing coordination. Having studied graphic design after school and started my early career in print production before turning to digital project management. At Oxide Interactive, I have the privilege of working with a diverse multidisciplinary team of designers and Drupal specialists on digital products for public good. I’m keenly interested in how Drupal can be used to deliver digital projects that improve people’s lives.

I play a key role in managing all the Drupal work we do at Oxide, keeping communication flowing and the team aligned across multiple concurrent projects. Some of my key recent Drupal projects she’s delivered include Women Building Australia for Master Builders Australia encouraging women’s involvement in the construction industry and the redesigned Dietitians Australia Drupal 9 website.

Why I'm running as a candidate:

I am a strong advocate for female participation and representation in STEM industries and within the Drupal community. I would like to show my support for the community by offering my time and expertise to support the Drupal events in the region and champion women in my own team as well as the wider technology workforce. I see this opportunity to volunteer for the committee as a way of giving back to the platform that has given so much to us.

I have also helped coordinate Oxide’s sponsorship and exhibitions at many industry and government conferences over my 10 years, including DrupalSouth and DrupalGov - both online and in person events.

Why you should vote for me:

I have strong  attention to detail, a solid understanding of the Drupal platform, process and workflow, and above all else a commitment to ensuring project success. I bring a can-do attitude and the ability to coordinate people from diverse backgrounds and support them to deliver their best. I feel I would be a positive influence and asset when it comes to organising events, advocating for the community and furthering my contribution within the Drupal community.

Gender: Female

Erin Starling