Julia Topliss

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My background and history with Drupal:

I ran my own digital agency for 22 years, 13 years of which we primarily delivered Drupal websites (from v5 to v8). What brought me to Drupal was a client request in 2007 to build a social networking site for Collectors - a failed project; but an awesome discovery which informed many years of successful builds for a wide range of clients.

I am not a developer, but know my way around the Drupal UI really well and have been part of a team that has built websites for many Australian organisations including for the State Library of Victoria, Sacred Heart Mission and MS Australia to name a few. 
We built some pretty nifty and complex sites using Drupal 7/8 where I was responsible for the architecture design including multi-lingual & multiple payment plans via membership levels on Drupal Commerce; and an intranet with private file directory and complex permissions for a large hospital group. 

Our business was an early adopter of the aGov Distribution, which we used to build WCAG compliant websites for our clients (thanks to the hard work put in by PreviousNext). 

I now work at Morpht, one of Australia's leading Drupal agencies where I work as an Account and Project Manager/Scrum Master mainly on Australian Government websites.

Why I'm running as a candidate:

Over two decades I have benefited greatly from the Drupal project. Having sold my business, I would now like to be more pro-active and give back to the community. I have a wide range of skills and experience to offer.

Why you should vote for me:

I have a ton of experience working in volunteer organisations, having been involved with Rotary International for over 15 years. I love working and learning new things with a team. I understand the challenges of volunteer work - including juggling work/life/other things. I have run projects which have involved fundraising and working with diverse groups of people. I have sat on Boards and Committees in leadership roles for several years; and have skills in coordination of groups of people from 3 through to 100.

I am a creative thinker with lots of ideas; but also love to see other people's vision succeed. I believe the best type of mentor is one who brings out the best leadership qualities and potential in others.

Gender: Female

Julia Topliss