Steven Hayes

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My background and history with Drupal:

I have only been working with Drupal over the past 20 months. During this time I have come to better understand and appreciate the real value in Drupal and I still feel I have more to learn.

My background in Digital Marketing / CMS platforms is more relevant.
- Current DXP vendor - Acquia APJ
- 2 years CX / Commerce - SAP CX APJ
- 1.5 years Digital Marketing - Oracle Marketing cloud APAC 
- 6 years Digital Marketing - Adobe Marketing Cloud - establishing AEM in ANZ
- 1.5 years CMS Vendor - Ektron (now Episerver/optimizely) 
- 4 years+ in CMS services on Vignette & Reddot from 2005-2009

During this time I have been successful in helping many customers select the right digital platform for them.

More recently, I have played a role in accounts like Sydney Opera House and Stuff NZ selecting Drupal as their new platform (Both moving from Adobe).

Why I'm running as a candidate:

I feel I can add value in helping Drupal to win more new logos. 
- Provide guidance on how to win larger accounts and against other CMS vendors
- Drupal is the right choice content platform for most organisations and I want its use to grow in ANZ

Why you should vote for me:

If successful my focus will be on growing new logo's, winning larger accounts and expanding Drupal usage in ANZ. 
If more companies select Drupal then we all benefit.

Gender: Male

Steven Hayes