Toby Bellwood

Local community

My background and history with Drupal:

As the Lagoon Lead at I have primary responsibility for our open source application delivery platform, Lagoon. As the majority of our customers are running Drupal sites, our team is looking to continually innovate for them and their teams. This means keeping abreast of the wider Drupal ecosystem, and maintaining currency on all things site development and maintenance in order to build better tooling. Prior to joining, I was the Tech Lead for GovCMS, and as well as being the technical product owner, I was also one of the maintainers for the GovCMS Drupal distributions and the various modules and enhancements developed and supported.

Why I'm running as a candidate:

I'd like to see the strength of the Drupal Community here in the APAC region be better recognised globally, and see our flagship conference and events elevated to become an annual mainstay of the global Drupal calendar alongside the EU and NA events.

Why you should vote for me:

I am a well-known and approachable member of both the Drupal in Government and Australia/NZ Drupal communities and a long-time advocate of the use of and participation in open source software.  From my time leading technical communities for open source projects (Lagoon) and whole-of-government platforms (, NationalMap and GovCMS) I bring a wealth of experience building and sustaining viable communities both outside and inside of Government.

I would welcome ideas to increase engagement and participation, and believe there are opportunities for DrupalSouth to extend it's existing collaboration, learning & networking opportunities (particularly for those unable to travel) in addition to annual flagship conferences.

Gender: Male