Alfred Deeb

Salsa Digital are committed to open source and open government, delivering almost exclusively for government for the past 4 years across Drupal, open data, open platform and more recently open design.

Since February 2016 Salsa Digital have been blogging every fortnight, bringing public sector both more in-depth pieces and shorter blogs on all areas of digital transformation in government (DTIG).

Our goal has been to produce a must-read resource that helps public sector employees in Australia deliver real benefits to citizens.

The series is also a reflection of our commitment to the open government movement and our own open ethos — an example of how we give back to the community. We love producing these pieces...researching what’s happening here and overseas in terms of DTIG to bring our audience the best examples possible. We've covered everything from smart cities and artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, focusing on Aussie policy, research, and case studies (from Australia and overseas).

Finally, whilst we can't claim a favourite member of One Direction we can claim that the late Michael Jackson, the king of pop, is our favourite member of The Jacksons.