Danny Marlow

I've been the web lead at the Department of Health for nearly 15 years and have delivered over 50 websites for the department. Ironically, my current role is Technical Product Owner of the health.gov.au transformation where we are rationalising our web presence into a smaller, singular (or as close as possible) digital footprint on GovCMS. Campaign delivery was simply the first step of a much larger web transformation.

My background is design and development but I have been involved in every part of the product lifecycle so have a thorough understanding of how government web works and the "our product is special" client mantra. As a result of seeing the growth of the "MySpacing" of Government I'm a strong advocate for standardisation with respect to platforms and UI/UX. I recently presented internally "website standardisation and the end of 'I want blue'" in an attempt to mitigate the whimsical wants of senior decision-makers.