Juliane Erben

I have worked in the IT industry for nearly 10 years now, in both sales and project management. I'd consider myself pretty agile actually; originally coming from a tourism background, I found my way to business travel software, then sold software development tools for IBM, worked in the eCommerce space for several years and for the last year or so have been managing Drupal project. I am a certified ScrumMaster and passionate about client satisfaction; it is the single most motivating factor for my work. Originally from Germany, I have always had a strong case of Fernweh (the longing to be far away); before moving to Australia I have also lived in the US, Canada, South Korea and the Netherlands at various points in my life. I have never been afraid of change, which is why I believe agile development really resonates with me. I believe being open to change and adapting to new situations and seizing new opportunities when they arise is key to success.