Toby Bellwood

Toby is the Technical Lead for GovCMS at the Australian Government Department of Finance. He is the product owner for the GovCMS distribution(s) and platforms, and uses his position as a technical leader in the Government (and wider) Drupal Community to foster a great sense of community and bring a collaborative approach to Government web. Toby has been leading the work in the platform and infrastructure space, building and developing a wide range of tools and systems to support GovCMS.

As the Product Lead at I have primary responsibility for our Open Source Container Hosting platform, Lagoon - as well as the range of tools, examples and projects that support it.  Prior to joining I worked in Government as the tech lead and product owner at GovCMS, and and I also convene the Drupal South Government Working Group.

Presentation name: Managing large (and smaller) site portfolios with Lagoon Insights
Job title: Product Lead
Twitter: @tobybellwood
Company twitter: @amazeeio
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