Vladimir Roudakov

Vladimir is Drupal consultant and creator of confQ from in Brisbane (Australia).

In day to day work he is focused on continuous delivery, automated testing and rapid prototyping.
He teaches Drupal and web development to the public since 2013 and active facilitator of Drupal global training day.

Vladimir presented sessions and ran workshops on Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Content Management Systems & Frontend Frameworks at the camps and conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and United States.


"Vladimir is solution architect, Drupal developer and educator.
He also works on various projects as well as contributing to migration, automated testing and rapid prototyping.

Vladimir is running Drupal Global Training Days in Australia since 2013. He is regular presenter at Brisbane Drupal meetup and organiser of DrupalCamp Byron Bay and DrupalSouth Gold Coast 2016."

Presentation name: Drupal 9 and CiviCRM
Company: Tomato Elephant Studio
Job title: Architect / Drupal 8 migration specialist

Email: vladimir@tomato-elephant-studio.com
Twitter: @VladimirAus
Company twitter: N/A
Linkedin: Vladimir Roudakov
Company linkedIn: Tomato Elephant Studio