2020 DrupalSouth Steering Committee Elections

The DrupalSouth Steering Committee has been running since July 2019 with the primary purpose of ensuring continuity of DrupalSouth events and facilitating knowledge transfer to support the Drupal Community in Australia and New Zealand.

This election will see all committee positions up for re-election on the following basis:

  • November 2020: 2 seats renew until November 2022
  • May 2021: 3 seats renew until May 2023

A call for self nomination of committee members will be made via groups.drupal.org and social media in September 2020. Anyone who has previously nominated for the committee will be given the opportunity to renominate themselves.

  1. Nominations will be published on DrupalSouth.org and promoted via groups.drupal.org and social media.
  2. A voting period for any interested community members will be held over a 2 week period in late October 2020. 
  3. Voting will be tallied in alignment with the requirement for a balance of gender and nationality representation on the committee.
  4. The successful committee members will be announced at DrupalGov in early November 2020. Terms will be taken up over the course of the following 12 months.
Sep 1 - Sep 30 2020 Call for self-nomination In progress
Early Oct 2020 Announcement of candidates on DrupalSouth.org  
Late Oct 2020 2 week voting period  
Late Oct 2020 Vote counting  
Early Nov 2020 Committee announced, first two seats commenced  
Late Nov 2021 All committee member terms renewed  
September 2022 Next committee elections held