2020 DrupalSouth Steering Committee Elections

The DrupalSouth Steering Committee has been running since July 2019 with the primary purpose of ensuring continuity of DrupalSouth events and facilitating knowledge transfer to support the Drupal Community in Australia and New Zealand.

This election will see all committee positions up for re-election on the following basis:

  • November 2020: 2 seats renew until November 2022
  • May 2021: 3 seats renew until May 2023

A call for self nomination of committee members was made via groups.drupal.org and social media in September 2020. This resulted in only one self nomination, negating the possibility of running a full election.

The Steering Committee Charter provides a mechanism for existing terms to renew if not enough self-nominated candidates stand for election, or for the committee to invite candidates directly to replace existing members who wish to step down. The DrupalSouth Steering Committee is governed by the Linux Australia Council, who approved this approach.

Janna Malikova and Dave Sparks were invited to take up the seats renewing in November 2020, replacing Pamela Barone and Thom Toogood. No objections to their appointment were received from the Drupal community during the notice period.