Cloud Native Drupal Panel

We have spent the last few years in the midst of a complete revolution in how web applications are built and deployed. The unprecedented speed of these changes has made it challenging to keep up with current best practices, and it often feels like these “improvements” are just trading one set of problems for another.

To help you sort through the FUD we are bringing together a panel of experts who have spent years deep in the trenches building cloud-native platforms to deploy fast and resilient Drupal applications.

- Mike Richardson - Co-Founder @ Ironstar
- Nick Schuch - Technical Lead @ PreviousNext
- Scott Leggett- Systems Engineer @

Hosted by Nick Santamaria - SysOps Engineer @ PreviousNext

This discussion will cover a range of topics from:
- Making Drupal cloud-native friendly
- Best practices for building container images
- Getting started with Kubernetes
- Tip and gotchas when building and operating Kubernetes clusters
- Options for deploying and managing Drupal apps on Kubernetes

Session time